Common Questions asked about White Brite

Q. Can I use White Brite® on colored clothing?

  1. White Brite® can be used on colored clothing only if:
    1. All clothing is to be tested first to avoid bleeding or discoloring.
    2. If acceptable after testing, wash each item separately using the instructions for white clothes. Note: Product may permanently damage colors and embroidered logos.

Q. Is White Brite® safe for my washing machine?

  1. Yes, White Brite® will not harm washing machines and should remove any mineral stains in the wash tub.

Q. Can I mix White Brite® with my detergent?

  1. Yes, White Brite® can be mixed with a regular detergent, DO NOT MIX WITH BLEACH OR PEROXIDE.

Q. What will happen if I accidentally mix bleach with White Brite®?

  1. If White Brite® is mixed with bleach or peroxide a chemical reaction resulting in fumes may occur and White Brite® will be ineffective. Open the nearest window and ventilate if fumes are formed as a result of mixing.

Q. Will White Brite® put holes in my clothing if used often?

  1. No, White Brite® is safe for all washable fabric and does not attack the clothing fibers like a bleach or peroxide.

Q. How long can I let my white clothing soak in White Brite®?

  1. White clothing can soak in White Brite® until yellowing is gone. (Approx 23 hrs, never longer than necessary)

Q. Is White Brite® safe for my septic system?

  1. Yes, White Brite® is safe for all plumbing and septic systems.

Q. Can I use White Brite® on something besides clothing?

  1. White Brite® has only been tested as a laundry & fabric cleaner.