OUT™ White Brite® Laundry Whitener

Removes Dingies That Bleach And Oxis Can't

Bright, bold and beautiful — OUT™ White Brite® keeps your clothing looking great because it brightens and reverses yellowing and fading. The toughest laundry challenges — rust stains, red dirt and clay, color runs and yellowing caused by hard water impurities — are easily solved with OUT™ White Brite®.

OUT™ White Brite® removes inorganic stains that Bleach and Oxis don’t — rust stains and yellowing. And, it's safer than bleach products that use harsh, abrasive chemicals that cause excessive wear after repeated washings. OUT™ White Brite® works by transforming iron, which causes yellowing, to a soluble state that simply washes away in a normal wash cycle. It also keeps impurities from being re-deposited on clothing during the rinse cycle.

OUT™ White Brite® can be used with regular detergent on your whites and colorfast fabrics and it also works great on towels and linens! So save your clothing, fabrics and linens from yellowing and the dingies - get OUT™ White Brite®!

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Product Name:

OUT™ White Brite® Laundry Whitener

Available Sizes:

28 oz. & 76 oz.

What it Does:

OUT™ White Brite® is a proprietary blend of cleaning agents, surfactants and detergents specifically formulated to brighten whites, remove yellowing, eliminate rust, red clay and red dirt stains and reverse color bleeds, without using harsh or abrasive chemicals.

How it Works:

OUT™ White Brite® reduces rust and iron into a clear soluble form that rinses away easily. It prevents impurities from being re-deposited onto clothing during the rinse cycle.

How Often to Use:

OUT™ White Brite® is recommended to be used as often as necessary. You may use OUT™ White Brite® with every load of white laundry.

Non-Compatible Surfaces/Materials:

OUT™ White Brite® should only be used on white and colorfast fabrics. It may have the ability to cause irreversible damage to embroidery. Test in inconspicuous areas only.

Do not mix with products containing bleach or peroxide, including OUT™ ProWash® Workwear Odor Eliminator.

Precautions and Safety:

• Do not mix with other chemicals.
• Use with adequate ventilation only
• Avoid contact with skin and eyes
• Do not ingest product
• Keep out of reach of children

For more product information, see our SDS
Q. Can I use OUT™ White Brite® on colored clothing?
  1. OUT™ White Brite® can be used on colored clothing only if:
    1. All clothing is to be tested first to avoid bleeding or discoloring.
    2. If acceptable after testing, wash each item separately using the instructions for white clothes. Note: Product may permanently damage colors and embroidered logos.
Q. Is OUT™ White Brite® safe for my washing machine?
  1. Yes, OUT™ White Brite® will not harm washing machines and should remove any mineral stains in the washtub.
Q. Can I mix OUT™ White Brite® with my detergent?
  1. Yes, OUT™ White Brite® can be mixed with a regular detergent, DO NOT MIX WITH PRODUCTS CONTAINING BLEACH OR PEROXIDE, including OUT™ ProWash® Workwear Odor Eliminator.
Q. What will happen if I accidentally mix bleach with OUT™ White Brite®?
  1. If OUT™ White Brite® is mixed with bleach or peroxide a chemical reaction resulting in fumes may occur and OUT™ White Brite® will be ineffective. Open the nearest window and ventilate if fumes are formed as a result of mixing.
Q. Will OUT™ White Brite® put holes in my clothing if used often?
  1. No, OUT™ White Brite® is safe for all washable fabric and does not attack the clothing fibers like bleach or peroxide products.
Q. How long can I let my white clothing soak in OUT™ White Brite®?
  1. White clothing can soak in OUT™ White Brite® until yellowing is gone. (Approx 2-3 hrs, never longer than necessary)
Q. Is OUT™ White Brite® safe for my septic system?
  1. Yes, OUT™ White Brite® is safe for all plumbing and septic systems.
Q. Can I use OUT™ White Brite® on something besides clothing?
  1. OUT™ White Brite® has only been tested as a laundry & fabric cleaner.
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