OUT™ ProWash® Workwear Odor Eliminator

Usage Tips

Penetrates and removes all of the deep-down trapped odors from sweat, fumes, grease, oil and smoke that work uniforms and clothes can accumulate over the workday.

Effectively deodorizes and cleans workout wear and sports uniforms, and is especially effective on tough-to-clean tight-woven fabrics made from microfiber, spandex and Lycra.

Use OUT™ ProWash® to eliminate those tough, deep-down, musty odors that can linger after a normal washing.

Why mask offensive pet odors, when you can remove them quickly, easily and completely in your washer with OUT™ ProWash®?

Pretreat for extra tough stains and strong odors. For heavily soiled clothing or stubborn stains:
  1. Always test OUT™ ProWash® in an inconspicuous area to test for colorfastness before pretreating.
  2. Rub a small amount of OUT™ ProWash® on the target area.
  3. Add detergent and OUT™ ProWash®, and wash as normal.
Use to eliminate odors & clean laundry. Because OUT™ ProWash® is an effective laundry detergent as well as an incredible odor eliminator, you can use it by itself and get great results simply by doubling the amount you use.
  1. For standard washers, use 2 capfuls.
    For High-efficiency washers, use 1 capful.
    Use additional OUT™ ProWash® for extra large loads or extreme odors.
  2. Wash load as normal.
Add as a laundry booster. Use with your normal detergent for cleaner, fresher-smelling clothes
  1. Follow the instructions on the label of your detergent .
  2. For standard washers, add 1 capful of OUT™ ProWash®, for High-efficiency washers, use 1/2 capful.
    Use additional OUT™ ProWash® for extra large loads or extreme odors.
  3. Wash load as normal.